Storage Guidelines

Our cakes are good in air-conditioned environment for 2 to 4 hours, depending on how cold the room is.

We will not advise on how long our cakes can last in a non air-conditioned environment as there are too many factors to consider (such as, the heat, humidity, wind, sun, surroundings … etc). Any cake placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. An optimal temperature is 18°C or below.

If you are not cutting the cake so soon, please place it in a refrigerator (Chiller).
DO NOT put them in the freezer (ice compartment).

Our cakes are best eaten at room temperature.
If you put the cake in the refrigerator,
Please take it out about 1 – 2 hours before consumption.
*(leaving the cake inside the box to cool to room temperature)
(Please consider your travelling time as well).
*If the cake is too cold, the cake and cream will be hard as they are both butter based. This will cause the cake to be difficult to cut and may also cause the cake to be crumbly.

Do note that our cakes come in tall customized boxes.
If you are opting for an early delivery time slot/ collecting early
and are planning to store the cake in the refrigerator,
please ensure that there is sufficient space for the box.

Approximate Cake Box Size:
4 inch: Width (8.5 inch, 21 cm) x Height (11.5 inch, 29 cm)
6 inch: Width (10 inch, 26 cm) x Height (12 inch, 30 cm)
8 inch: Width (12 inch, 30 cm) x Height (13 inch, 33 cm)
10 inch: Width (13.5 inch, 34 cm) x Height (14 inch, 36 cm)