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Storage Guidelines

Product Handling:
When collecting cakes, please carry your purchase with the utmost care. Bags and boxes must be held upright and level at all times to avoid decorations from falling off a cake or a cupcake from toppling over. Please refrain from holding more than one bag in one hand as this will make the cakes tilt and slide towards the side of the cake box. We at LE PETIT cannot be held liable for damaged items once they have been handed over to the customer. After leaving the premises, keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources. If transporting by car, place them onto a level, non-slip surface and avoid bumpy roads.

It is not recommended to display or store cakes without air con, especially under the hot sun or in warm and humid areas.

Do note that our cakes come in tall customized boxes.
If you are opting for an early delivery time slot/ collecting early
and are planning to store the cake in the refrigerator,
please ensure that there is sufficient space for the box.

Approximate Cake Box Size:
4 inch: Width (8.5 inch, 21 cm) x Height (11.5 inch, 29 cm)
6 inch: Width (10 inch, 26 cm) x Height (12 inch, 30 cm)
8 inch: Width (12 inch, 30 cm) x Height (13 inch, 33 cm)
10 inch: Width (13.5 inch, 34 cm) x Height (14 inch, 36 cm)