Shark Cake


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(Standard Cake Height: 3.5-4 inch tall.) *Cake will be decorated accordingly based on Cake Size. 蛋糕高度:3.5-4寸高。蛋糕会按照尺寸调整装饰。
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Free Upgrade to Premium Packaging Gold Box, Cutlery Set of 10 Paper Plates & Forks, 1x Knife + 1x Long Gold Candle, Message Card (upon request), Complimentary Cake Topper subject to designs available, (Top Up to Custom Make it).  免费升级豪华精美包装,配送10套餐具 1刀 1特长金色蜡烛 +
1x Random Design will be given.
Select A Complimentary Topper From Us OR Custom Make Your Own. 选择赠送插排款式或定制您自己的插排。
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SHARK CAKE (鲨鱼生日蛋糕)

Product Info:
Cake Composition: [ Your Selected Cake Flavor + Frosted with Italian meringue buttercream + shark toy toppers x 5. ]
*Note: All products are handmade & customized based on your selections.  Images are for references only, colours and decorations may be subjected to changes. The placement of decorations may be adjusted based on cake size/tier ordered.
Special Gifts For You: Free Upgrade to Premium Packaging + Paper Plates & Cutleries + 1 Plastic Knife + 1 Long Gold Candle + 1 Gold Glitter Birthday Topper + 1 Greeting Card.


蛋糕结构:【 您选择的蛋糕口味 + 奶油表层 +  塑料鲨鱼摆件x5 。】
特别赠送: 免费升级豪华精美包装,纸盘和餐具,一个塑料刀,一根金色蜡烛,一个闪光金 Birthday 插排,一张贺卡。

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