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Items hidden *INSIDE* the Piñata (Recommend to choose 2-3 items)
Chocolate +
Gold Coins +
Candies +
Marshmallow +
Strawberries +
Pastries 5pcs +
Cake +
Money Notes (handling fee) +
Polaroid Photo Print x1 +
Sexy Girl(Toy)x1 +
Cat(Toy)5pcs +
Yellow Monster(Toy)6pcs +
Bunny(Toy)5pcs +
Dinosaur(Toy)4pcs +
Your Own Present +
Empty +
Edible Sugar Letters 可以食用字母糖$0.00
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  • Product Price 商品金额: $135.90
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Product Info:
The Chocolate Bombshell Piñata is NOT a Cake but a Special “Cake” in the form of a Chocolate Shell.
Hammer the chocolate shell to find out what is hidden inside!
Does it contain money? or will there be a present!
For the surprise inside: You may hide; money notes, candies, a present, toys, biscuits, macarons, fruits, and many more!

Piñata Composition: [ Chocolate “Shell” + with your choice of surprise inside + fondant decorations. ]
*Note: All products are handmade & customized based on your selections.  Images are for references only, colours and decorations may be subjected to changes. The placement of decorations may be adjusted based on the piñata size ordered.
Special Gifts For You: Free Upgrade to Premium Packaging + Food-safe Hammer + 1 small Candle + 1 Greeting Card.

巧克力敲敲乐(皮纳塔蛋糕) – 敲出惊喜

敲敲乐结构:【 巧克力“壳” + 您选择的惊喜在里面 + 翻糖装饰。】
特别赠送: 免费升级豪华精美包装,食品级锤子 + 一根小蜡烛, 一张贺卡。

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