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Dalgona Candy Challenge Set (TRIANGLE)


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Each Set Includes:
– 1 x Dalgona Candy
– 1 x Tin Case
– 1 x Tooth Pick
– 1 x Game Invitation Card with unique player code.

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Dalgona Candy Disclaimer:

The Dalgona Honeycomb Candy is extremely brittle. Do handle it with extreme care as it is liable to break easily.
The candy is also temperature sensitive as it tends to absorb moisture in the air and become sticky so it will not last as long in a more humid environment.
It is recommended to store at room temperature in an air-tight container.
Upon receiving the candies we would need the recipient to sign off, that they have checked and received the candies in good condition.
At Le Petit, we have adjusted the dalgona candy’s recipe to better suit Singapore’s humidity, a better thickness for safe transportation, and also better taste.
*(Hence it would be slightly different as compared to the local Korean candy)
As all candies are handmade they would not be 100% exactly the same for each piece of candy. (do expect slight changes across the pieces in terms of thickness and placement of shape.)
In the event that upon receiving the candies they are broken, Le Petit would do a 1-to-1 exchange for that particular candy.
However, once signed off in good condition Le Petit will not be liable for what happens to the candy thereafter.
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