★ Money Ball Sparkle Cake


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1st Picture ➜ 6 inch Cake, Brown Color + Big Ball, No Topper.
2nd Picture ➜ 6 inch Cake, Pink Color + Small Ball, 生日快乐 Topper.
3rd Picture ➜ 6 inch Cake, Black Color + Big Ball, No Topper.

第一张照片 ➜ 六寸蛋糕, 褐色 + 大球, 无插排
第二张照片 ➜ 六寸蛋糕, 粉色 + 小球, 生日快乐插排
第三张照片 ➜ 六寸蛋糕, 黑色 + 大球,无插排

Money to be placed inside please contact to discuss. 球里面要放的钱请联系我们讨论

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Free Upgrade to Premium Packaging 免费升级豪华精美包装 +
1x Knife + 1x Long Gold Candle + 10Sets of Paper Plates & Cutlery 赠送1x刀+1x特长金色蜡烛 + 10x套餐具 +
1 x Greeting Card 免费贺卡 +
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