Singapore’s Largest Money Pulling Designer Cake Collection. Le Petit Signature Surprise Cakes – The Money Pulling Cake
Premium Quality, Classy Designs. [★] Indicates Popular Choices.

新加坡最大的拉钱蛋糕 造型系列。 优质食材,高雅设计。 小王国品牌蛋糕店 【 特色招牌惊喜蛋糕:拉钱蛋糕】 [★]表示受欢迎的选择。

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★ All Things Huat Cake

★ Circle of Longevity Buns 寿 Cake

★ Longevity Fortune Gold Drip Cake

★ Marbled Floral Rosette Cake

★ Lucky Numbers Cake

Ombre Cake

★ Chocolate Wonder Drip Cake

Money Pot Cake

From: $188.00

Longevity Joy Cake

★ Jackpot Fondant Cake [2D Version]

From: $198.00

★ Royal Poker Cake

★ Good Fortune Riches Cake

★ Longevity Blossom Cake

3D Good Fortune Pot Fondant Cake

From: $248.00

Winning Numbers Cake

From: $168.00

Watch Cake

Graceful Longevity

Gold Money Mountain Cake

From: $168.00