The Chocolate Bombshell Piñata is NOT A Cake but a Special “Cake” in the form of a Chocolate Shell. How-It-Works? Hammer the chocolate shell to find out what is hidden inside! Does it contain money? or will there be a present?
For the surprise inside: You may hide; real money notes, candies, chocolates, a present, pastries, fruits, and many more!
巧克力敲敲乐(皮纳塔蛋糕) – 敲出惊喜
外层是由巧克力制作,内层是各种不同的惊喜,例如:金钱,糖果,小甜点,小礼物,等等。 创意精致的球形外壳,内层是满满的惊喜,用小崔子轻轻的敲开,就能敲出惊喜,敲出欢乐!

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