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We cater a series of sweet & savory treats to enhance your party surprise. Your one stop comfort, all in one place! Where you can save the hassle of organizing different items on a busy day! Let us plan it all for you! Save time and better prepare for your special occasion! 🙂

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Sweet Treats

♡ Candies/Sweets ♡ Marshmallow Pops ♡ Macarons/Customized Macarons  ♡ Meringue Kisses ♡ Honey Cornflakes ♡ Tarts ♡ Cookies/Customized Cookies/Cookie Pops ♡ Brownies ♡ Cake Pops ♡ Madeleines ♡ Small Cake Bites ♡ Eclairs ♡ Cream Puffs ♡ Portuguese Egg Tarts (葡式蛋挞) ♡

Savory Treats

♡ Quiche – Ham & Cheese ♡ Chicken Pie ♡