1. Cake Sizing Guide: For Special Money Feature Cakes & How Many Pieces of Notes It Can Fit.
2. Frequently Asked Questions.
3. How to Order: Special Money Feature Cakes

2. Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Is the Money included in the cake price?
A. No, the money is not included in the cake price,
Total Bill = [Cake Price + Money You Want To Pull/Pop/Fly ]

Q. How Much is a money feature cake ?
A. Different design, different size, different price. You may check out the pricing under the ‘Online Cake Booking Gallery‘. Select the design, Select Your Booking Date and Select Your Cake Options. The final price will show, based on your selections.

Q. How Much Can I Put inside the cake?
A. The amount is entirely up to each customer.
of SGD $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1000. x the number of pieces you want.

Q. How Many Pieces can I put?
A. Refer to chart above.
Also, you will need to let us know, how many pieces per note and the Total Amount.

Q. Can I Put More than the number of pieces of notes indicated in
the chart above?
A. Unfortunately, Not 🙂 Not even one extra. This is to ensure you have a smooth experience. 🙂

Q. Can I Put Less than the number of pieces of notes indicated in
the chart above?
A. Yes, you may. The number of notes is *up till* that indicated number.

Q. Do I have to pass you the cash myself?
A. You may either pass us the notes or do a bank transfer to us and we will sort the rest out for you.

Q. Do I have to pay for the cash when ordering or can I pay when collecting the cake?
A. As the money to pull/fly is built inside the cake. The money will have to be
transferred to us along with the cake money before confirming your order.
All orders will only be processed and confirmed after receiving full payment.
Please make Full Payment Of [Cake + Pulling Amount] within 24 hours of ordering.
So that we can process and confirm your order swiftly 🙂
*Bookings that are not paid within 24 hours will be automatically cancelled in the system and you will have to re-book again.

Q. Can I put other currencies other than SGD?
A. Yes, you can do that, but you will need to pass us the notes.

Q. Can I put photos?
A. Yes, only for *Money Pulling Cakes* you can do that, but you will
need to pass us the photos. We do not help to
do printing of photos.
• Also note: the photo must be printed on soft paper, example: normal
70~80gms A4 paper. And that it cannot be bigger size in terms of length and
width than that of a SGD $50.00 note size.
• Recommends: To print two sets of the photos, one for the back and
one for front, so that both the recipient and audience can see whats coming

Q. Can I put (real) lottery tickets?
A. Yes, only for *Money Pulling Cakes* you can do that, but you will
need to pass us the tickets, We do not help
to buy tickets.
• Also note: the ticket will be slightly folded at the sides to fit in
the slot, as it is wider than money notes.

Q. Is the Special Money Feature Cake Edible?
A. Yes, the special money feature cake is edible.
•  For Money Pulling Cake:
To ensure that the cake is food safe, each piece of notes is wrapped in
individual food safe plastic and kept in a special food safe mechanism
for the hygiene of the cake.
•  For Money Pop-Out/Flying Cake:
The notes will not be wrapped, but they are kept in a special food safe
 and when the mechanism is activated by the celebrant, the
money pops/flys out away from the cake.

Q. Will you issue me a receipt of the money feature amount?
A. After payment, an Official e-Receipt [PDF] will be sent to
you, for you to check through all details. The Money Feature amount is to be
returned to client in the cake’s mechanism. and all information will be stated
in the Official Receipt as well in black and white.