How To Book A Money Pulling Cake

1. Book The Cake Online.
2. Discuss on the Money Denominations with us, on whatsapp, after booking the cake online.
3. All bookings would only be confirmed/processed after both FULL payments of cake + money you want to pull has been fully received. 🙂

Steps to book for a Money Pulling Feature Cake online:

Select a design.
Click on the design.

1. Select The Collection/Delivery Date On The Calendar Shown.

2. Scroll down to select the options of how you would like your cake to be.
Eg. Cake Size, Cake Type, Color, Flavor, Add-Ons, Delivery

The Final price would be shown at the bottom based on your selections.
NOTE: *If you want to custom a design or
make any changes to the designs that are on our website it would be considered a custom design.

Please contact us directly.
DO NOT book first then make changes after booking as the price would be different!

3. Go through the essential Terms & Polices. Then click Yes on the check box.

NOTE: Only check on the box if you have read and understood and agreed to our terms and policies.
If unsure please do not hesitate to contact us.
 Please read through before ordering
Information, Terms & Conditions
Cake Sizing Guide: Information. (on how my guests and your serve)
Lead Time: Information.(on how long in advance should you book)
Product Policies: Information.
Payment Policies: Information.
Delivery Policies: Information.
Storage Guidelines: Information. (on how to prepare the cake)
Money Feature: Information. (on how many pieces can you pull and what can you pull)

4. Click “BOOK NOW


6. Fill in your billing details, and shipping details if you have selected the delivery option.


8. Proceed to Cake payment.
(DO NOT make payment for the money denominations without discussing with us first)

9. After Cake Payment, Discuss The Money Feature Denominations with us. On WhatsApp/E-mail.
After confirmation by us, we will direct you to make the payment for the money pulling amount.

10. Order Confirmed 🙂

*Your order will not be processed/confirmed until the funds have cleared in our accounts.*
* All bookings will only be confirmed upon receiving FULL PAYMENT. For Both Cake + Money Pulling Amount *

*Orders that are not paid within 24 Hours will be Void.

* A Final Official Confirmation Receipt will be sent to you thereafter.
* Please present this Receipt during collection.


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