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Corporate Cakes: Money Pulling, Pinata, HBD Boss

We love to make specially tailored corporate cakes that represent your company's brand. This celebration displays your unique ideas and theme and passion. We are here to commemorate your greatest achievements and milestones yet, from your 1st to 100th anniversary, your bosses birthday, a well earned promotion of your fellow colleagues and even simple acknowledgement of with your partners. You name it, we got it covered. 1. Corporate Surprise Cakes. Money Pulling cakes are perfect for big anniversary celebrations, they are able to hold more decoration making them very photogenic. They also cater to larger amount of people and bring huge amount of excitement and fun. You may fit logos, tag lines and other decorations you please. 2. Corporate Custom Logo Pastries. Having a party...

Top 5: Money Surprise Styled Designer Cakes

This is the New Age of Cakes, where they are not only freshly baked to taste as good as they are exquisitely made to look, the most important part is where it contain an element of surprise! They are also known as entertainment cakes like the classic Money Pulling feature; where dollar bills come trailing after the cake topper when it is pulled out, has been a big trend among us to surprise our loved ones. To make birthdays unique we have designed more ways you can bring a surprise to the party!   All our cakes are designed by our very own chefs, and every design is one of a kind in all of Singapore! Le Petit Signature Surprise CakesThe Money Pulling Cake 【拉钱蛋糕】 ...

Top 5 Money Pulling Cakes Designs: For Parents & Grandparents

Top 5 Money Pulling Cakes Designs:For Parents & Grandparents   We know how much you treasure your parents and grandparents and we love to make their special day as unique, fun and exciting as possible. What better way can we surprise them, than with a Money Pulling Cake! This new edition of cake and entertainment has recently been a cult favorite to the public and celebrating birthdays will never be the same again! Our Money Pulling Cakes are beautifully designed to bring prosperity, fortune and joy to you and your loved ones. Our cakes are baked fresh with premium ingredients to hold the money pulling surprise within. We have put together our Top 5 Money Pulling Cake designs that are most popular among our valued customers....

Money Pulling Cake 拉钱蛋糕 – Longevity Gold Drips

"Thanks for making my grandma so happy and shocked! It Was indeed a joy to the family !!! Appreciate!! 😍😍" - Li Ying Happy Birthday! Grandma looks so happy & surprised! So adorable! :) Thanks Li Ying for the order :) This 8 inch Money Pulling Cake, with Gold Drips, 寿星公 (Shou Xing Gong) Topper, Longevity Buns, Ingot 元宝, Gold Coins & Gold Sprinkles! HUAT AH :)
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