Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes is a registered, licensed company founded in 2012. By Executive Cake Designer Lydia and her team of dedicated artists who are passionate in designing and crafting memories in forms of food art.

Using the finest quality ingredients. Thoughtfully created, designed from the inside out – from within the heart, to ingredients out to the packaging!

Le Petit Specializes in customized novelty cakes and catering sweet and savory bites for parties and events.

Broken, Smoking Robot Cake With Lights
Broken, Smoking Robot Cake With Lights (1)

What Designer Cakes Does?

All our cakes are Made-To Order. (Customized). No fixed designs. You can custom the design details, colour, wordings, flavour to your needs. What you will be getting will be a unique decorated cake, one and only tailored to the recipient.
From our Customized Cakes Gallery: These are some design that our clients have engaged us to customize for them. You may get some ideas from there, while you may also feel free to let us know your special requests and requirements for your cake 🙂

From scratch: Completely from the beginning, without using anything that already exists. This is how we bake. Our cakes do not come from a box, and our buttercreams are not bought in buckets from food wholesalers. We do not use pre-packaged creams, jams, ganaches, sauces, or fillings of any kind. At Le Petit our cakes are denser because there are no preservatives or greasy oils in our batters. Only pure ingredients. Our icings are thicker because instead of being made with pounds of vegetable shortening, we use real butter. We bake with the best vanilla and chocolate money can buy, and take pride in the fact that our baked goods are made with the knowledge and expertise that comes with being a pastry chef.

We only use Premium Quality ingredients, such as
¬ Top in the Trade’s Best Quality: Elle & Vire Professionnel French Butters,
¬ World’s Finest Branded Chocolates: Valrhona, The Chocolate Of Choice For Top Pastry Chefs around the world,
¬ and many more carefully selected premium ingredients!

We work hard to bring you the best product possible. There will always be some who will still prefer boxed mixes with artificial fillings and icings, and that’s totally fine. Everybody’s got their something. But that is not what we do. We are a bakery rooted in scratch made products from the finest ingredients.

As pastry chefs, we find it important to provide you with quality products made completely from the beginning. We bake from scratch.

We pay attention to details inside out.
Most of our products based on theme, are packaged in our Signature Classy Gold Boxes with Gold Ribbon. And a complimentary long Gold Candle.

Your Happiness Is Important To Us.
Click on the link to see our Happy Customer Reviews Here! 🙂

Established Since 2012.
Our team of Cake Designers, Bakers, and Salespersons are dedicated and passionate about serving you 🙂

Delivery Services.
We provide delivery services too!
All our cake drivers are trained to handle the cakes to ensure that they deliver the orders to you in the perfect condition! 🙂

Contact our salespersons:
Call/WhatsApp (+65) 9855 4223 or Email: sales@designercakes.sgand let us plan together with you for you!