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Thanks all our beloved clients for choosing us and letting us be part of their wonderful event. 🙂

Money Pulling Cake 拉钱蛋糕 - Longevity Money Pot

Pleased to share the video with you. My mummy and all guest are so surprised and amazed with the cake. Love it 😍 thanks a lot.

- Lincy

Highly recommend! Recommended her to my friends and they love it! Even my birthday cake is done by her!

- Ekin

Wow! Looks really good!!
The cupcakes were good! It really surprised my hubby!!!

- Jesvin

Truly beautiful and delicious! THANKYOU

- Anonymous

A big thank you to all of you for all the hard work & efforts for the cake and cupcakes. They are amazing and delicious.

- Angela

I am loving it 

- P

My dad loves the money pulling surprise and the cake! Thank you so much!

- Regina

It was so good. Very delicious and not to mention, gorgeous 👍❤

- Jessica

It was great! It was the highlight of the celebration 🎉

- David

Excellent service!! have order a few cakes and is really nice. The design and the taste of the cakes is really pretty and nice. Definitely will order again when i need. thumbs up!!!!

- Tan
3D Shou Tao Longevity Bun Cake with Customized Name Cake Topper for Dad

Thank you so much. Seriously it is very nice. It is perfect. Awesome thank you for everything God bless you

- Margaret

My Father luv e cake.. Once again thanks for ur help

- Eric

It was great Lydia!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Everybody was taking pics n raving bout how nice & unique it looks! And not only it looks nice but it oso taste great! Thanks a lot for recommending the Vanilla Lychee flavor… In fact we made some referrals 😉

- Daniel

She loved it, thank you!!

- Vanessa

Thanks for baking such a nice cake! My dad really enjoyed it, i think u can see it from his expression 😂

- Mei Yi

Every year I am still ordering for my Daughter birthday cakes! Keep up the good work..

- Jun

Thanks for the prompt delivery and great over-all service. Guests were in awe and enjoyed the uniqueness of the cake. Looking forward to future orders!

- Jac

Hello! Omg the cake looks so AMAZING!! Thank you sooooo much!! 😁❤ Thank you!!! 😁❤ Sure!! I can’t wait to surprise my dad with this cake already!😁 Thank you!! ❤

- Estelle

The Cake Was Amazing… Thank You So so Much… Everyone Loved It… 🙂

Fondant Cat Cake with Mini Cake and surrounded with Donuts.

In every happy occasion, I always look for Le Petit Empire to custom cakes for my love ones. Very professional & good customer service! Awesomeee!

- Chloe

chaotic!!! kids screaming and talking at top of their voices, hahaha


Everyone was so happy!!! 🤗🤗
Thank you for the great cake and excellent service!! 💯👍🏻👍🏻
Will be recommending to friends ☺

- Pearlyn

Thank you for accommodating to our last minute request! We had fun with the cake! 😄

- Caris

Yes, it was awesome! The presentation & taste was good. My little boy cant take his eyes off the cake😂😂😂 Thanks so much!

- Wee Koon

hi it was very very gd. everyone loved it. thank you so much

- Veena

I always get what i asked for, and most importantly its delicious. The taste satisfy everything u ask for.

- Ghufran

Lydia is always very accommodating to my last minute orders! Her cakes are always so beautiful & delicious not to mention reasonable as well for a customised cake! The most recent , Christmas cake was dark a dark chocolate cake with Nutella filling the combination was so perfect, that my friends finished in no time !I will continue to order from her until the day she retires �� thank you!

- Novemder

Thanks for the cake, the details and everything was so fine – from the cake decor to money pullout mechanism! The cake is moist and flavourful too. We all enjoyed it and will get from you again the next event 😊

- Jia Xin

Thank you for the amazing cake that looked great and tasted great too. My family enjoyed the vanilla cake, which was not too sweet or overwhelming. It was perfect. We liked the design and it was definitely memorable 😄👍
Want to thank you for your patience in helping me with my order, and your flexibility and understanding with regards to my date change.
Special thanks also to your deliveryman, who was so nice, polite and helpful. He was punctual, and even offered to help me with the lift button and all when he saw that I was carrying the big heavy cake box.
Will definitely order again for special occasions in future! 😄 So glad I found you guys online. so beautiful cake, my dad almost didn’t want to cut it 😂😂.

- Rachel

25th Birthday cake for my beloved boy. ❤️  I’ve got to say that a lot of cakes ordered for birthday parties always just look pretty, with aesthetically good designs but they just taste NORMAL. But this cake is baked & designed to perfection. I ordered chocolate Nutella fudge cake & the cake tasted extremely chocolately. The design was done the way I wanted, very classy looking. Trust me, I’m a food lover and it can be compared to cakes like Chocolate Origin, and better than Awfully Chocolate or Godiva. 😊 Birthday cakes always look good but disappoint me with their plain-cheap taste flavour inside. He loved it and I love it too. I’m really impressed! 10 stars. I knew I chose the right person to do my cake for my Boyfriend. Thank you @designercakes.sg LePetit Empire ❤️❤️ 

- Lucia

Thankyou!! Will definitely be back in the near future for more petite cheesecakes and cupcakes!


The person who made this cake did a great job. My sister darn difficult to please and yet she said it’s nice


Oh yes! It’s gd! My family loves it! Thanks for the follow up!

- Steven

Thank you to Le Petit Empire who made Giselle a beautiful and delicious Theme b’day cakes.

- Celeste

Delicious and beautiful!

- Janet

Nice!!! Thankiu so much!!



- Yvonne

Hi, thanks for the cake! It’s really tasty! Birthday lady was really surprised as well!

- Shyanne

Their cakes are aromatic n delicious.. I have been their repeated customer many times.

- Katherine

Hi, the cake was great! My guests like the cake alot & the chocolate filings are v rich. Thumb up. Will order again

- Jasmine

Tks Jo for your lovely creations! The children loved it! :).

- Grace

The cake was great. Really Appreciate it👍🏻👍🏻. Everyone complemented the shape and taste.

- Jamshir

Thanks Jo! The cakes are very delicious. Adults n children love them.

- Celeste

Pleasant surprise for my parents! Thanks a lot

- Tavia

Simply love the cake lydia design and bake for my bestie birthday. Totally awesome looking and great tasting 3 thumbs up

- Teddy

Truly beautiful and delicious! THANK YOU

Money Pulling Cake 拉钱蛋糕 - Chocolate Drips

It was really fun and delicious! We all enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much.

- Pia

Thanks for the effort in making the cake!



- Emily

Thank you for the cake, my mum really liked it!! 😄

- Stella
Adult Cake - Bachelorette Party Penis Fondant Cake.

It was my friend’s bachelorette party. And we decided to be kinky and funny! So we had an adult cake that looks like a you-know-what complete with edible p-hair. We didn’t wanna eat the cake and all the girls want to take pic. Cos it was darn cute! But of course we had to taste it and it was delicious! It was a red velvet! I hoped I ordered a much bigger cake so i can have a bigger slice!

- Janice

Yeap she loved it! It was really beautiful! Thankyou 😊 this is actually my second order from you and you never failed to deliver the quality👍

- Anne

Hi there we enjoyed the cake so much! Especially our dad. Needless to say, he was clearly surprised.
Thanks for the hard work! In fact, alr 2 friends have asked for referral
All the best and hope u guys keep up with this and innovate more creative & delicious cakes :’)

- Kurin

Thanks for making my grandma so happy and shocked! It Was indeed a joy to the family !!! Appreciate!! 😍😍

- Li Ying

Hi thank you it looks awesome 😀 everybody enjoyed the cake 😀thank you

- Joey

Thanks, So nice!!!!! I love the colour . It so outstanding

- Beverly

Looks Awesome! Thank you, really appreciate your efforts, time and patience. 😀 😀

- Rachel

I love it!!!

- Mau

I ordered a cake from Lydia and she was so generous and patient in helping me with the designs! The best part is that when the cake arrived, it not only looked aesthetically beautiful but taste AMAZING– mine was Nutella chocolate and the cake was Super RICH and “Gao” it was like an extreme FUDGE cake. Thumbs up for this because a lot of cake sellers sells “Insta worthy” cakes that look good. But the taste is really normal… (that has always been my worry, scared the cake taste not nice) but Lydia’s cake is the best. I will order my Butter Cream Roses cake for my Mom. Every single birthday I’ll only order from her. 10 stars.

- Lucia

Thank you!!! Gets better and better every year!!!

- Adeline
Money Pulling Cake 拉钱蛋糕 - Poker Theme

The cake was good Vanilla lychee was good. Thank you!

- Lynne

My grandma loves it! Thank you

- Ashley

Thank so much for the beautiful cake it’s really very very nice. The cake taste good and it’s really beautiful everyone enjoyed it thanks for making for me there will be more in the future.

- Samuel

Wow thanks v cute, my BF gave his compliment ! He love it and is v nice ! Thanks again. We are at a restaurant celebrating his birthday so we put the the cake in the fridge and the waiter said the cake so nice don’t even dare to open it up hahha


Hi hi wow… just ended.. haha wanted to thank you for the lovely creation.. tasty as well!! Thank you thank you :)”


Not a big fan of cakes, so am an amateur to the different types of cakes available. Nevertheless, the cakes imparted a savouring impression, making me unbelievably hungry and impatience to get my hands on them! 2 thumbs up for LE Petit Empire

- Roy

Everyone was so amused by the cake! Haha Quite a lot of people were asking where I got the cake from so hopefully u get more orders soon!! 👌🏼

- Eileen
2 Tier Customized Designer Fondant Cake White & Gold Theme Sugar Flowers

Yeap my Mother loved her cake! It was really beautiful! Thankyou � this is actually my second order from you and you never failed to deliver the quality�

- Priscilla

Hi miss :). My friend is delighted with the cupcake ^^ Thanks for your help and effort 🙂


I am a big fan of cakes. After years of trying good cakes all around. This is one shop that their cakes will kick in a lasting impact on my palate and leave me with a lingering memory!
Their cakes are generally not too sweet and have very good textures, flavours combines harmoniously complementing every single component.

- Han
Money Pulling Cake 拉钱蛋糕 Longevity Buns

It was really good. Thank u 🙂

- Molli

Thank u so much. The cupcakes were lovely n d gals loved them


Never failed to amaze me with it’s awesomeness 😊 thanks


The cake dun just look nice, they taste great too!! Lydia uses her professionalism to advise and design the best cake for the event!! Our cake is a bit of the last minute (2 days) but she still manage to squeeze out a nice cake for us!! All my friends who tasted the cake say it was nice!! Not first time getting cakes from her already and will continue to support her!!! Thanks Lydia!!” ��

- Rachel

Ordered many times, really tasty and up to expectations! Highly recommended! Excellent 👍👍👍

- Ianlyn

The cakes are art pieces! Her dedication to cater to your needs is exceptional!

- Chiang

Thanks!!! So nice  😊😊😊 Thanks a lot It’s very nice

- Karh

Very Creative n great efforts customised cupcakes by Lydia 🙂 Come get !!!! Not too sweet and DELICIOUS !

- Phanee

All was well. Thanks! Everything was very good, Presentation and taste.

- Edward

Thanks for creating a wonderful memory! The cake is yummy and the experience unforgettable!

- Connie

Yummy n delicious plus creative artwork to suggested pastry designs as per requested by customers during different festive occasions. Come n experience luv n joy during d festive periods, even birthdays, anniversaries etc. Experience once n lo n behold.

- Mandy

it was great!! My grandmother was very surprised thank you so much!

- Lin Hui

Just so u know the cupcakes were v delicious


It was good! My dad like it 😊

- Naslyn

Thank you so much for the amazing cake! My grandpa loves it! They have never seen such creative cake designs. Despite my request to make it less sweet, the cake still taste really good! Thank you for the prompt and kind assistance! I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in purchasing!! 🙂

- Yu Ting

Thanks it’s very lovely. One look my boi can difference which design is the daddy face on the cupcakes. Lol


Thanks once again for e lovely cakes n ur services 

2 Tier White and Pink Themed Fondant Cake with Real Gold Flakes, Fresh Roses & Baby Breathe and Pastel Tones of Macarons

Awwww thank you so much ☺ Appreciated it! Many compliments on the cake look. She don’t bear to cut the cake. Thanks to you too. The celebration was brought up beautifully ☺

- Avery

Lydia is an excellent baker. IMO, she is dedicated to her work and take pride in her creation. I like her creativity and accommodation to my requests. Going to order a second from her soon. Thank you LPE.

- Anthony

Thank you for everything Wedding Cake was beautiful And tasted as good

拉钱蛋糕 Poker Royal Flush, Casino Chips, Dice Theme Money Pulling Cake

ITS AWESOME!! EVEN THE RESTAURANT STAFF LOVE IT👍🏻 They are open to all ideas and fast in responding to us. Love the cake design and yummy toooo!! Two thumbs up!! �

- Bibiana

The kids absolutely love the beautiful cake


The wrapping is nice too! She will love it! Welcome. You did a great job👍

- Janell
Beer Bucket Cake with Edible Cigarettes, Money & Mahjong

蛋糕收到了,很满意你的制作,下次会再光顾哦,太谢谢你了 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

- MiMi
钱袋蛋糕 3D Money Bag Cake With Customized Wording in Front of Bag & Customized Name Cake Topper, & lots of Gold Coins.

Awesome. Thank you very much. The cake far exceeded my expectation. Very nice presentation. Taste is very nice too. Overall birthday boy very happy. I will recommend you to my friends

- Dexter

Cake is wonderful. Thank you so much!! The family enjoyed it tremendously

- Kai

Hi it was great:) my gf love the design!

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