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Preparing The Cake For Celebration

Storage Guidelines [Preparing the Cake For Celebration]
Storing The Cake Upon Receiving & Before Cutting:
Any cake placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. An optimal room temperature is 21°C or below.

You are advised to keep the cake in the fridge if you are not to cut cake the cake so soon.

After receiving the cake, how do I store it?

1. Chiller Fridge
– If your fridge is big enough to fit the box, do store it in the fridge.
– You may check with our salesperson the size of your cake box for your storage preparations 🙂
Before celebrating/cutting the cake, take it out from the fridge
and leave the cake sealed in the box at about 20 mins,
before opening the box to take out the cake. To enjoy the cake at it’s best.


2. REALLY COLD Air Conditioned Room
– You may place the cake with or without the cake box at the spot that is the coldest in the Air Conditioned Room.