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Piñata: Bralette Surprise


Piñata DESIGNER “Cake” COLLECTION  • 敲敲蛋糕

A surprise “knocking” Piñata “Cake 敲敲蛋糕.
6 inch x 2 handmade (with chocolate) Bralette design, with edible handmade lace.

This is a “chocolate shell” hiding the surprise of your choice! Surprise you can choose from includes; assorted candies, assorted pastries, money notes or a gift present. You may also choose to top this design on an 8 inch cake. Eg. Piñata on top of a Cake.

Packaged in our signature gold box & ribbon.
Food-safe wooden hammer comes provided. 


*All bookings will only be confirmed upon receiving FULL PAYMENT.
*All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

More information on cake can be found below.
*For customization of design, contact our salespersons at +65 98554223 🙂

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(Items hidden in the Piñata)

Customize: Alphabets or Symbols on each side of the Bralette.

Fondant Alphabets Wording on Cake Base Board

Delivery Policies, Storage Guidelines, Payment, Refunds, Product Policies.


Please read through before ordering 🙂
Delivery Policies: Information.
Storage Guidelines [Preparing the Cake For Celebration]: Information.
Payment & Refunds Policies: Information.
Product Policies: Information.
How long in advance do I have to order?: Information.

Meaning, there are NO FIXED DESIGNS.
On our website, these are some design that our clients have engaged us to customize for them.
You may get some ideas from there, while you may also feel free to let us know your special requests and requirements for your cake 🙂
The Design, Color, Wording, Flavor can be Custom To Your Needs.
What you will be getting will be a Unique Decorated Cake,
One and Only Tailored To The Recipient.