Corporate Cakes: Money Pulling, Pinata, HBD Boss

We love to make specially tailored corporate cakes that represent your company’s brand. This celebration displays your unique ideas and theme and passion. We are here to commemorate your greatest achievements and milestones yet, from your 1st to 100th anniversary, your bosses birthday, a well earned promotion of your fellow colleagues and even simple acknowledgement of with your partners. You name it, we got it covered.

1. Corporate Money Pulling Cakes

Money Pulling cakes are perfect for big anniversary celebrations, they are able to hold more decoration making them very photogenic. They also cater to larger amount of people and bring huge amount of excitement and fun. You may fit logos, tag lines and other decorations you please.

2. Corporate Pinata Cake

This is a chance for you to display your creativity! Surprise your bosses or partners by hiding a special little gift inside! Logos and wording are fully customized to your companies needs. You may hide small prizes in these pinatas.

3. Happy Birthday Boss Cake

The most sincere way to thank and appreciate your boss is to have a cake designed according to what they love most! These cakes are fun, fully customized to your needs and they tastes delicious! Simple yet memorable.

4. Corporate Cupcakes or Cheesecakes

Have your company logo on cupcakes or cheesecakes! These bite size desserts are perfect for product lunches, we cater to both small and larger events.

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