Top 5: Money Surprise Styled Designer Cakes

This is the New Age of Cakes, where they are not only freshly baked to taste as good as they are exquisitely made to look, the most important part is where it contain an element of surprise! They are also known as entertainment cakes like the classic Money Pulling feature; where dollar bills come trailing after the cake topper when it is pulled out, has been a big trend among us to surprise our loved ones. To make birthdays unique we have designed more ways you can bring a surprise to the party!


All our cakes are designed by our very own chefs, and every design is one of a kind in all of Singapore!

1. Money Pulling Cakes •

Money Pulling Cake:
Pull the cake topper on top of the cake and the money comes out with it.
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How To Order Money Pulling Cakes?


2. Money Pop-Out Cake •

Money Pop-Out Cake:
With a touch of the button a stack of cash will POP out of the cake!
Best paired with the Jackpot Cake design.



3. Money Shooting Cake •

Money Shooting Cake:
Push and hold down the cake decoration/button to experience cash flying out of the cake continuously!
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4. Piñata “Cakes” •

Piñata “Cake”:
Hammer the chocolate shell to find out what is hidden inside!
Does it contain money? or will there be a present!
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5. Money Illusion Box Cakes •

Money Illusion Box Cake
Intricately designed to showcase real dollar bills!
A true money cake indeed.
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6. Money Ball Cakes

Money Ball Cake
Encased in a transparent globe, designed to showcase real dollar bills!
A true money cake indeed.
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Bonus Feature:



Double Surprise Feature Collection: for extra special occasions, this is where two surprises are united into one cake seamlessly.
Choose between Money Pulling + Money Shooting OR Piñata + Money Shooting !

7. ❝Double Surprise Feature Collection❞
Money Pulling + Money Shooting •
【拉钱 + 飞喷钱蛋糕】


8. ❝Double Surprise Feature Collection❞
Piñata + Money Shooting •
【敲敲 + 飞喷钱蛋糕】

Piñata + Money Shooting Cake:
1. Knock the chocolate shell and the money is hidden inside,
2. Find the special button inside, Press it and money flies out.



9. Money Illusion Box + Money Pulling •
【幻觉钱盒 + 拉钱蛋糕】

Money Illusion Box + Money Pulling
A cake literally filled with cash!



The joy we bring is joy received and we love to see the smiles on each any every one of our customers and their guests 🙂

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